My Faves Monday - Downton Abbey

Some of the most moving and memorable love stories—Romeo and Juliet, Elizabeth and Darcy, Scarlett and Rhett, Rose and Jack, Maria and Tony, Mary and Matthew—involve star-crossed lovers. Their love seems doomed, yet we can’t help hoping that they can somehow find a happy ending. Such stories remind us that love is real and worth fighting for. Today I celebrate February, the month of love, with a small admission.

I’ve caught Downton Abbey fever again!

Yes, I admit it—like a lot of you, I have fallen in love with the exploits of the upstairs and downstairs families at Downton and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Can Edith withstand the pain of being separated from her little girl, perhaps forever? Will Mary find love again? Will Isobel? What about Bates—will he ever be free of suspicion? Will Baxter and Molesley become more than just friends? And what delicious evil will our Thomas attempt next? These questions and more keep me tuned in every week, and watching reruns between each season.

Last year, I was delighted when Andover Fabrics released a line of fabrics based on the ladies of Downton Abbey. I bought the fabrics based on Mary’s character and created a pattern I called “Star-Crossed,” inspired by her star-crossed love life.

The pattern for “Star-Crossed” is included in my book, “Idiot’s Guides: Quilting,” and I have to confess that it’s one of my favorites. I especially love how my friend Susan Cook quilted it with feathers and curves.

I created a variation of Star-Crossed that I included in the book as an alternate colorway. I hope to be able to offer this variation as a separate pattern soon, so stay tuned!






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