Getting Ready for a Birthday Party

I love throwing parties and playing hostess, so I'm ecstatic that me and my fellow bee mates are playing a small role in the planning of our Guild's upcoming birthday celebration. Specifically, my bee is in charge of the decorations.

Pam, a fellow bee mate, and I took charge of the project and starting scouring the Internet for ideas for centerpieces. My focus was on the centerpieces themselves while Pam’s focus was on the table runner we also wanted to create for the party. I decided that I wanted to make fabric flowers for the centerpieces and that we could use scrap fabric to make them. That decision prompted me to finally organize my scraps, at least to the point where I could lay my hands on the ones that were the right size for flower making.

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest on how to make fabric flowers. But in the end, I decided to ignore most of them and go for something I thought would be pretty simple—fusing two fabrics together and then cutting the resulting fabric sandwich out in some kind of free-form flower shape. Pretty simple idea, so to dress up the flowers, I decided to add buttons.

After making a few of these fused flowers, I got a bit bored and started utilizing some of the ideas I’d found on Pinterest to make a few different ones. What do you think?

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