Day Twelve: Quilted Camera Strap Cover

I’m the picture-taker in my family. It seems I can’t go to any event—whether a party, bee meeting, quilt retreat, or other special event without wanting to take my camera along. I call myself a picture-taker and not a photographer because I’m still learning how to take good photos. Still, I have to admit that a camera feels very comfortable in my hands and that I Iove taking photos even if they don’t turn out exactly how I want.

One thing that doesn’t always feel comfortable to me is the camera strap. The darn thing seems to be designed to chaff and dig into my neck so frankly, I’m more prone to hold my camera all the time than to hang it around my neck. So when I was looking for things to feature in my 12 Days of Christmas Gifts series, I thought about my camera and how to make using it better and a camera strap cover seemed a simple project to tackle.

I started my measuring the length and width of the strap that came with my DSLR camera and came up with a plan. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Outer fabric: One 2-1/2”x20-1/2” rectangle, two 2-1/2”x2-1/4” rectangle
  • Inner fabric: One 2-1/2”x20-1/2” rectangle, two 2-1/2”x2-1/4” rectangle
  • Batting: Two 2”x23”
  • Lightweight vinyl scrap: 2-1/2”x4”

A note about these materials: I measured my camera strap from leather clasp to leather clasp, and it measured 23”.  The strap was 1-1/2” wide. Measure your camera strap and make any needed adjustments accordingly.

You can purchase the lightweight vinyl at Joanne’s, in their home-dec department. I like to keep some of this vinyl on hand for use in testing out quilting designs (you can draw on it with a dry-erase marker and lay the vinyl on your quilt to preview the design) and for marking applique placement (I copy the placement diagram on the vinyl using a permanent marker, then overlay my block to place the next applique piece). In this case, the vinyl will be used to hold an ID card in case my camera gets misplaced.

Also, the materials specify two batting strips—I wanted my camera strap extra soft and cozy, so I used two scraps of batting.

Add the contrasting ends

Sew the Inner fabric 2-1/2””x2-1/4” rectangles to either end of the Outer fabric 2-1/2”x20-1/2” rectangle. Press towards the Outer fabric.

Repeat, sewing the Outer fabric small rectangles to the Inner fabric longer rectangle. Press towards the Inner fabric.

Hem the strap ends

Fold each end of Outer fabric strip up by 1/4” and press.

Fold each end again by 1/4” and press. Sew along the folded hem to finish it.

Quilt the strap

Place the Inner fabric strip face up, and center the two batting strips on top. Pin.

Quilt the strap however you like. I simply sewed down the length of the strip several times.

Add the vinyl ID pocket

For now, you only need to sew one end of the vinyl pocket—the sides of the vinyl pocket will be sewn when the strap is sewn together.

Place the vinyl piece on the Outer fabric strip, 3” from one end. Sew this end only. The other end you’ll leave open, and the sides as I said earlier, will take care of themselves.

Sew the strap

Place the quilted Inner fabric strip on top of the Outer fabric strip, right sides facing. Pin.

Sew along both lengths of the strap, backstitching at the beginning and end of each seam.

Flip the tube right side out and press

When pressing, be careful to avoid the vinyl ID pocket.

Add your identification information

Print out your identification info and slip the print out into the vinyl pocket.

Slip the strap cover over your camera strap

Take your new strap cover out for a photo shoot. Isn’t it cool and distinctive? Doesn’t it feel comfy? I love mine!

There are quite a few people on my Christmas list who own nice cameras or will be getting one for Christmas that would love a custom camera strap cover. How about you?

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