Day Eleven: Wonky Tree Block Mug Rugs

Welcome to Day 11 of my Christmas gifts series. I hope you've been enjoying the easy to make gifts I've featured every day. I know I have!

If you have a party or other gathering you are attending soon,  consider making some of the gifts featured in my series as last-minute gifts.

Today's entry is one of my favorites--mug rugs! I love making mug rugs for several reasons—one of which is that they make cute, easy to make gifts. They are also so easy to personalize.

For a Christmas party hostess gift, I recently whipped up a set of mug rugs. You can use any quilt block to make yours, but if you like these wonky trees, I can show you how I made them.

To make my wonky tree mug rugs, you’ll need:

Green fabric: Two 6” squares

White fabric: Two 6” squares

Batting and backing, cut to the same size of trimmed squares

Cut your block pieces

Lay one white square on top of one green square, both right sides up. Angle your ruler and make a cut. Gently pull the side pair away.

Make your next cut to create a tree. You can make your tree fat or skinny, as you like.

Repeat with the other set of white/green squares to create a total of four cut tree blocks (2 pairs).

Sew the left side of the tree block

Take a pair of matched green/white cut squares. Lay the left white background wedge down, right side up. Place the green tree section on top of it. Lay the tree section on the background wedge so that its top point overlaps the background by 1/4”. Pin and sew. Press to the dark.

Repeat for the other pairs, sewing and pressing.

Sew the right side of the tree block

Lay the right white background wedge on top of the green tree, pin and sew. Press to the dark.

Repeat for the other pairs.

Square up the blocks

Although a mug rug doesn’t have to be square, that’s how I like them so I squared up my blocks to 5” square. When trimming, make sure you cut at least 1/4” away from the point of your tree so it doesn’t get cut off in the seam allowance when you make the mug rugs.

Make the wonky blocks into mug rugs

Cut four backing and batting squares the same size as your trimmed blocks. In my case, I needed to cut my backing and batting into 5” squares. Then I followed the steps in my tutorial here to create the mug rugs.

I quilted my wonky tree mug rugs by quilting in the ditch around the tree, and then quilting across the tree using various decorative stitches. It was fun putting some of those stitches on my sewing machine to good use!

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