Day Two: No Sew, No Knot Fleece Blanket

Welcome back to my December series on easy to make, last minute, sure to please Christmas gifts for quilters, sewers, and crafters alike!

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas gift to make for someone on your Christmas list, consider a no sew, no knots, fleece blanket.

I typically wait until the fleece goes on sale and then pounce—and around this time of year, that won’t be hard at all since fleece is one of those featured December items. I’m sure you’ll find lots of pretty fleece to choose from at your local Joanne’s or Hancock Fabrics.

You’ll need two pieces of polar fleece. You can get one patterned, one plain, or two patterned pieces depending on your preferences. I choose two Doctor Who prints for my favorite Whovian.

Polar fleece comes 58-60” wide. Here’s how much you need to buy:

  • Baby-size blanket: 1 yard (cut in half and use both pieces, one as the top and the other as the bottom, or buy two 1 yard pieces of fleece, cut each in half and make two baby blankets 30”x36”.
  • Toddler size blanket: 1-1/2 yards
  • Child-size blanket: 1-3/4 yards
  • Teen and Adult-size blanket: 2 yards

The yardage amounts here may look like I’m telling you to buy too much fleece, but keep in mind that you will lose 8 inches off the length of your yardage for fringe. If you buy 1 3/4 yards of fleece (63 inches), then the blanket part (minus the fringe) will be 50”x55".

Layer the two pieces of fleece, wrong sides together

Pin the two layers so they don’t shift. Pin far from the edges because you’ll be trimming them to remove the selvage.

I bought two lengths of Doctor Who fleece--one blue, one black. Here, I've placed them together right sides facing.

Trim the edges to make both pieces of fleece exactly the same size

If you use a rotary cutter to trim the edges, you’ll want to use a large one—60 mm—so it won't shift as you cut through the two layers of fleece.

Cut a 4” square at each of the four corners

If you use a rotary cutter, cut almost to the corner of the square in both directions, then use scissors to finish the cut. This will make the corner nice and neat.

Cut fringe along all four sides, on both pieces of fleece

Cut the fringe 1-1/2” wide and 4” deep. As you cut the fringe, flip it back. This will help with the next step. I found however, that when I moved the blanket to cut the next side, some of the fringe slipped back. So I decided to complete the steps for the fringe on each side before continuing to the next side.

Notice that I didn’t have any problem using my smaller 45mm rotary cutter to cut the fringe. Go figure.

As you near the corner, you will need to adjust the width of the strips slightly to make it come out even. I cut a few at 1 1/4” in between a few at the normal width of 1 1/2” in order to hide the variances.

Cut a small slit at the fold though both layers

You'll want to make as tiny a slit as you can because the fleece stretches easily.

Pull the bottom fringe through the hole in the top fringe

In my case, the black Doctor Who fabric was on top, and the blue was on the bottom. So I pulled the blue fringe through the hole in the black fringe.

Repeat, pulling the new bottom fringe through the new top fringe

Continue this all the way around, on all sides of the fleece blanket. After you do a few of these, you'll quickly figure out that you can treat the two pieces as one, and push them both through holes from the back to the front in one motion.

That’s it! Now what could be simpler?





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