Day Six: Chalkboard Fabric Soda Can Cooler (Koozie)

I was at a party this summer and I saw a fabric soda can cooler (or kookzie as they are sometimes called) and fell in love. I'm always looking for clever and useful things I can make from my fabric scraps, and the cooler seemed to fit the bill nicely. I thought about that fabric soda can cooler again when I was planning this series. As I was thinking, it suddenly hit me that I could make a small improvement on the design that might just make my like easier.

Have you ever sat your soda down at a party and then returned only to wonder which one of the many cans sitting there it is? Well, the improvement I hit upon touches on that very problem! With this cooler design, you'll be able to write your name on the koozie and later identify it quickly when needed.

You can also write other things on the chalkboard fabric besides your name, such as "Keep off!" or "Merry Christmas" or "Naughty Girl" <wink>. The possibilities are endless.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Outer fabric: Two 2”x12” rectangles and two 2”x3-3/4” rectangles
  • Chalkboard fabric: One 2”x4.5” rectangles           
  • Inner fabric: One 5”x12” rectangle
  • Insul-Bright: One 5”x12” rectangle
  • Batting: Two 5”x12” rectangles
  • Velco scrap: use 3/4"-1" wide Velcro, cut 3-3/4”

Sew the outer section together

Sew the two 2”x3-3/4” outer fabric strips to each end of the chalkboard strip. Don’t pin through the chalkboard—instead, use Wonder Clips or similar product to hold it in place.

Change to a Jeans or Denim needle, and loosen your stitch just a bit—to 2.75-3 mm. Finger press the seams toward the Outer fabric.

Sew the 2”x12” strips on either side of the chalkboard strip. Finger press the seams towards the Outer fabric. Set the seams by pressing them again using an iron set on Wool. Press from the back and be careful not to touch your iron to the chalkboard fabric.

Layer materials

Layer the materials in this order: batting, InsulBright, batting, Outer fabric face up, then inner fabric face down. Pin.

Sew around the perimeter, leaving an opening for turning

Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

Turn and press

Clip corners and turn. Turn under the seam allowance at the gap. Press. Pin the opening closed.

Topstitch all around

Topstitch 1/8” all around, closing the gap. I decided to quilt mine just a little, but you could skip this step if you want.

Add Velcro

Place the loop part of the Velcro on back of piece, pin and sew.

Place hook side on left edge of front, pin and sew.

That's it! Isn't it cute?

Time to pour yourself a cold one and test this puppie out.

Oh, one thing. I've heard that it's best to use regular chalk sticks and to avoid the sidewalk chalk when writing on Chalkboard fabric. Not sure if that's true but I thought I'd pass it on. All I can say is that the chalkboard fabric worked wonderfully for me when I used regular chalk.

Happy holidays everyone and remember--if you like my tutorials please link back to me in your postings on social media.


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