Put a Pin in It: Easy to Make Custom Straight Pins

I recently made some fancy pins to give to my friends. They feature each friend’s first and last initials, and they are meant to be decorative but useful. Aren’t they cute?

I got the idea for these pins from Fancy Nancy, and her directions are terrific. To make my pins, I bought alphabet beads, corsage pins, glue, and some fancy beads from JoAnne’s. I slipped the first bead on, hit the pin with a dab of glue, put the next bead on and glued it, and so on until I was done. I don’t know if I needed to glue each bead, but I wanted them to stay so that’s what I did. After adding the beads to each pin, I gently scraped off the excess glue my fingernail and then left the pins to dry overnight.

I made myself some alphabet pins from the leftover materials. I’ll use this pins to mark the column a block belongs to in a finished quilt, so I can sew my blocks together correctly. I think the pins will also be helpful for organizing those tiny scraps needed for foundation piecing. My plan is to buy number beads so I can make matching row markers as well, to help label each row after laying out a quilt on a design wall.

The pins were not difficult to make, nor did they take much time. They would make a special gift for a quilting friend!

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