My Faves Monday - Alchemy

It's Monday, and today I feature one of my new faves, a jelly roll pack from Hoffman Fabrics. I have to admit at the start that I find it hard to not to like any fabric, but I was especially drawn to the Alchemy collection by Fringe. These luscious silver-adorned fabrics simply spoke to me.

Alchemy comes in many color ways. The one featured here is called Ice Silver, and that's just how the glints of silver overlaid on the fabrics in this collection look--as if they've been touched with a silver-tipped paintbrush.

Alchemy is a collection of mostly geometrics, with a paisley and some other flourishes thrown in for good measure. The geometrics give the collection a modern look, while the flourishes make it approachable for quilters who haven’t warmed to the modern trend.

I'm not sure just yet what I'm going to do with my new acquisition. The red, green, and black colorway suggests Christmas, but that doesn’t mean I have to use it that way. I might pair these fabrics with a cool gray or a pure white for a crisp look. Maybe a solid black is the way to go….


I know one thing: I can’t wait to see what magic Alchemy will bring to my next project!

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