Coffee or Tea? Why I Love Mug Rugs

I love making mug rugs to test fabric combinations I’m considering for a quilt. Mug rugs use only a small amount of fabric, so I can easily play with various color and fabric combinations until I find what I like before I cut up yards and yards for a quilt.

Mug rugs are also a great way to play with new ideas and techniques. Here, I played with various ways to quilt a log cabin block. With the red, black, and white mug rug, I used a satin stitch to stitch the seams between the "logs" in the block. For the lime and navy mug rug, I quilting through the center of the logs in a spiral, starting in the center.

The next time you fall in love with a quilt pattern, try piecing a single block and using it to create a mug rug for yourself!



You don't have to make a whole quilt every time you fall in love with a quilt pattern. Instead, you can make a single block into a mug rug.

So what exactly is a mug rug, you ask?

A mug rug is a small quilt you can use as a coaster, and it's easy to make one using a single quilt block.