welcome to my free giftable patterns!

"Giftables" are quick to make fabric items that make great gifts. Scan these patterns, and I bet you'll find lots of ways to whittle down your holiday gift list!

These patterns are free for your own use. If you want to share my free patterns online, please acknowledge the source (the inquiring quilter) and provide a link back to this page here on my blog. If you print out these instructions and share them, please credit me and list my blog address on your printouts!

If you would like to make any of these gifts to sell for charity, or for profit at craft shows and the like, you have my permission to do so provided you make them yourself or with a small group of friends. I figure if you take the time to make them one at a time, you can sell them! You do not however have my permission to use my patterns to make items for sale in large quantities. In other words, no, you cannot use my patterns to mass-produce items for sale.

I trust that you'll follow these guidelines and respect the time it took for me to design these patterns and offer them for free. Thank you! Any questions? Please email me!